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Take the guesswork out of cannabis by sorting strains into four standard color types.

Our simple four-color system makes it easy for consumers to choose which cannabis products they prefer – and for dispensaries and brands to give it to them.

Consumers now have a trusted, reliable way to buy cannabis based on their preferences. Dispensaries can procure smarter with an industry standard – and keep customers longer. And cultivators can grow in confidence, knowing their product claims are rock-solid.

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Brands and Dispensaries

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Find the color that’s right for you – then simply choose that standard color every time for results you can trust.



Stock what your buyers prefer – and easily teach them about the top-reported effects of any product.



Reliably classify your products based on top-reported effects – then sell with confidence.

How It Works

Knowing cannabis can have different effects on different people, and unlike AI recommenders – which can be juvenile, impersonal, or running off bad data – DYC creates an industry-standard that provides reliable recommendations based on extensive research and complicated chemical varieties.

DYC’s proprietary algorithm matches cannabis chemistry to the most common effects reported by over 30,000 consumers – and then categorize “strains” into four standardized colors.

Yellows make most people feel full of energy, like they want to hang out with friends and be active.

For most people, greens give them a sense of motivation and focus, like wanting to clean or garden.

Blues most often bring a sense of calm, helping people feel peaceful or like they can unwind after work.

Purples help most people rest, making them feel sleepy or like they’re ready for bed.

If a color doesn’t give the intended effect, that’s okay! Moving down the spectrum to find a match is part of the discovery process. 

Once a color has been matched to an intended effect, it will remain this way across all product types, brands, and geography as the underlying chemistry of the colors never changes.

what DYC means for


DYC cuts down on trial and error when choosing cannabis, both for consumers shopping at retail and for dispensaries who want to guide their customers to their next favorite product.

what DYC means for

Operators and Brands

For dispensaries and brands, DYC lifts sales by ensuring that customers are more satisfied with their purchases, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. And it reduces the risk of growing or stocking unpopular product and strains.

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