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At MyTepi, we envision a world where choosing cannabis is as straightforward as picking any wellness product.

MyTepi is a pioneering life-science startup dedicated to enhancing the cannabis experience with scientific insights and innovative tools.

We aim to bring clarity and confidence to consumers navigating the cannabis landscape with Discover Your Color, our flagship four-color system for categorizing cannabis products.

Our mission? To bridge the gap between cannabis science and consumer experience. We translate complex Certificates of Analysis from state-licensed laboratories into user-friendly product profiles and then categorize them into colors—yellow for products likely to energize, green for those reported to have motivational effects, blue for products that most often have a calming influence, and purple for those with typically restful effects.

Our approach demystifies the potential effects of cannabis, making the selection process easier and more reliable for consumers, boosting sales and improving the customer experience for dispensaries, and helping brands grow and market more confidently.

Whether you’re a consumer looking for guidance, a retailer seeking to enhance your offerings, or a producer aiming to better understand and market your products, we’re here to make the complex world of cannabis just a little simpler.

About Us

About Us

livi mckay, founder and ceo

Livi McKay is the founder and CEO of MyTEPI. She began her career in finance at PNC Bank and Morgan Stanley.

After recovering from debilitating health challenges, she worked with cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee at MGT Capital Investments. She later served as Director of Business Development for the BearTraps Report, an institutional financial research newsletter, before becoming Head of Investor Relations for CB1 Capital Management—a well-respected investment manager in the cannabis space.

In 2020, she began to be more vocal about her experience with healing and cannabis, leaving finance to push for plant-based medicine and cannabis as viable health alternatives.

Today, Livi advocates strongly for the end of drug prohibition and a modern approach to substance use and addiction. She dreams of creating a nationwide system for personalized medicine and therapeutics.

Dimitry mckay, cfo and co-founder

Dmitry McKay, also known as Dmitry Molotkov, moved from Russia to the UK at 17.

Self-taught in accounting, he joined Cadbury Schweppes as a business analyst at age 21. Later he led finance projects in Poland and India for the accounting firm Kroll.

As controller of MedicSight, he played a leading role in the biotech firm, which focused on colon cancer before it failed to win FDA approval. When the company changed management and began trading on the NYSE as MGT Capital Investments, he met both John McAfee and his future wife.

When MGT diversified into crypto-mining, Dmitry was integral in recruiting, strategizing, and executing the setup and function of several mining sites, including the company’s only lasting mine in Lafayette, GA.

With Livi, he co-founded MyTEPI in 2020, developing the MyTEPI Framework to analyze and categorize interactions between humans and cannabis based on the latest understanding of pharmacodynamics.

Dr. Jean talleyrand, md,
chief science officer

As Chief Science Officer of DYC, Dr. Talleyrand has extensive experience evaluating the therapeutic benefits and adverse effects associated with Cannabis use. DYC is Dr. Talleyrand’s third organization after over two decades in the Medical Cannabis industry. He founded MediCann, a patient referral service, in 2004 and the Clinical Endocannabinoid System Consortium (CESC), a non-profit Medical Cannabis research organization in 2015.  

As CESC’s principal investigator, Dr. Talleyrand has oversight of the Dosing Project™, a series of clinical surveillance studies on community accessible Cannabis products. Dr. Talleyrand focuses on the multi-agent pharmacology involved with Cannabis botanical treatments. He has developed a clinical approach to Cannabis users that incorporates systematized observations and multivariate analysis to better understand the community sourced landscape of Cannabis therapeutics. 

Dr. Talleyrand currently provides specialist Medical Cannabis consultations in California. 

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