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Cultivating and marketing strains without clear evidence of consumer demand is costly.

But traditional market research is time-consuming – and may not accurately capture the latest consumer trends. This can make the pressure to predict and respond to market demands uncomfortably high.

Discover Your Color makes it easy to tap into market insight. By leveraging the insights provided by our platform, you can accurately predict consumer trends and focus on developing strains that align with market demand. Our standardized system helps streamline the decision-making process in product development and marketing, ensuring you can invest wisely and capitalize on emerging trends.

It’s easy to use but remarkably powerful. Just upload your Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and let our platform do the rest. The insights you glean will do more than help you meet market demand – they’ll help you meet market demand with confidence. Get started for free with DYC today and begin uploading your COAs.

Why Discover Your Color?

Streamlined Market Research

Traditional market research methods often lag behind rapidly changing market trends. With DYC, you’ll get nearly real-time insights into consumer behavior and preferences, helping you adapt quickly.

Better Decision-Making

Our trusted system is easy to understand and simple to teach, meaning your staff can quickly get better at helping customers with their selections. Buyers will see quicker service and reduced wait times, and staff will feel more confident and knowledgeable.

Targeted Product

By standardizing on a simple “language” off our colors that describe cannabis strains, Discover Your Color makes it easy to understand consumer preferences and trends. This enables you to focus cultivation and production on strains and products that align with market demand.

Enhanced brand perception

By categorizing your products using our clearly defined (and consumer-preferred) colors, you’ll differentiate your products from competitors and make it easier to buy yours. You’ll also boost your brand’s status in the eyes of consumers, leading to increased loyalty and market share.

Cost-Effective Marketing and Sales

By understanding which color categories are popular, you’ll more easily tailor marketing efforts and dispensary sales. DYC boosts sales by aligning with consumer preferences, leading to higher ROI and more goodwill.

How It Works

How It Works

Step 1. Understand the Colors

The foundation of DYC is our reliable four-color system, created by matching chemotypes against top-reported effects, as indicated by more than 31,000 consumers.

Yellow for Energizing

“Energizing” strains are in the yellow category. Most consumers report these deliver a boost of energy and motivation.

Green for Focusing

“Focusing” strains are green. This is the category most consumers credit with improving motivation or feeling like they’re in a flow state.

Blue for Calming

“Calming” strains will fall under the blue category. Most consumers report these make them feel peaceful.

Purple for Resting

Strains that aid relaxation and sleep are categorized as “purple.” It’s the go-to for most consumers who want to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Step 2. Upload Your COAs

Quickly and easily upload your Certificates ofAnalysis (COAs) to our platform. Your inventory will be scientifically matched to its corresponding color category based on its chemical profile and top-reported effects. Accurate categorization based on COAs means your products will more reliably deliver the effects consumers expect.

Step 3. Provide a Consistent Experience

DYC helps your brand grow in a market that values legitimacy, clarity, and reliability. By offering products that are consistently aligned with consumer expectations – and standardized from dispensary to dispensary – you’ll solidify your brand position and encourage repeat purchases. For newcomers to cannabis and seasoned enthusiasts alike, your brand will stand out as a trusted choice that’s easy to count on.

Once a color has been matched to an intended effect, it will remain this way across all product types, brands, and geography as the underlying chemistry of the colors never changes.

Pilot Program

In January 2023, Flore Dispensary in San Francisco, CA, implemented a pre-market version of the the Discover Your Color system.

This integration presented a unique opportunity for cannabis brands to observe the system’s impact on consumer behavior and sales.

Flore initiated the system with a blend of manual and algorithmic tagging, employing physical stickers to distinguish the color categories within their store. This clear, color-coded system offered an effortless shopping experience for customers, helping them make quick and confident purchasing decisions based on top-reported effects of different cannabis chemotypes.

Within just three months of implementing DYC, Flore began observing distinct consumer preferences for specific color categories. By the six-month mark, Flore reported a substantial 12.5% increase in revenue, a lift they directly attributed to implementing the DYC system. Flore’s commitment to ensuring every smokable product is analyzed and categorized through DYC going forward is a testament to the system’s impact.

The potential benefits are clear for brands whose products align with the popular color categories. Discover Your Color can significantly impact market presence and sales. Flore’s experience illustrates DYC’s power in driving consumer choices and loyalty, making it an essential tool for brands looking to optimize their product lines and market strategies.

Start leveraging the power of DYC

Start leveraging the power of DYC’s scientifically backed color system to accurately match your products with consumer preferences. And encourage your partner dispensaries to see the difference our system can make.



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