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Buying cannabis can feel like finding your way through a maze.

Spending hours on research, wasting money on products that don’t deliver the effects that you want, and giving up because it’s all so confusing… Sound familiar?

With Discover Your Color, you can say goodbye to trial and error and stop relying on unhelpful recommendation engines or website bots. Buying cannabis is as easy as choosing yellow, green, blue, or purple.

Our easy-to-understand classification system is a revolution in cannabis buying, helping you confidently choose the products that are right for you – saving money and time, and eliminating the guesswork.

Why Discover Your Color?

You don’t need to know chemistry – you don’t even need to know the difference between indica and sativa. With DYC’s industry-standard four-color system, selecting the right cannabis product is straightforward and stress-free.

Our recommendations aren’t based on vague claims or anecdotal evidence. Our trusted system is rooted in extensive research, incorporating data from over 30,000 consumer reports, ensuring our colors accurately match your expectations.

There is no cost to use DYC – but you’ll save money on the trial-and-error process of buying cannabis. Our reliable categorization means you’re more likely to get the effect you want the first time around.

Shop like the pros and feel empowered with every choice you make. DYC transforms you from a novice to a knowledgeable consumer, allowing you to choose strains that align with your personal preferences.

DYC helps you choose products based on their effects on you. Then, once you know you like a color, you can trust that you’ll always like that color – because they mean the same thing wherever you go.

How It Works

How It Works

Step 1. Understand the Colors

At the heart of DYC is our standardized four-color system, each representing a distinct set of effects:

Yellow for Energizing

Most people choose yellow when they want energy and to be active.

Green for Focusing

When motivation and focus are desired, most people choose green.

Blue for Calming

For moments when you want to relax but not fall asleep, choose blue.

Purple for Resting

The go-to choice for most people who want to aid relaxation and promote sleep is purple.

Step 2. Match Your Desired Effect

Your cannabis experience should align with your needs and your lifestyle. With DYC, you simply choose the color that matches your desired effect and see how it makes you feel. Start with purple, for example. Try a blue if the purple labeled product doesn’t make you feel calm enough. If you want something more uplifting, try a yellow or a green.


Step 3. Enjoy a Consistent Experience

Our color-coded system provides a trusted, reliable way to choose cannabis, giving you consistent results every time. When you know you like a color, you can stick with your color from product to product or strain to strain. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of cannabis, Discover Your Color makes buying effortless.

Once a color has been matched to an intended effect, it will remain this way across all product types, brands, and geography as the underlying chemistry of the colors never changes.

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Ask your favorite dispensary about Discover Your Color. If they’re already using the system, find your color and get the cannabis experience you deserve. If not, ask them to visit discoveryourcolor.com!

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