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Know What to Stock

If you’re selling cannabis without knowing what really sells, you’re likely overstocking.

Your staff spends too much time helping customers, which slows down service and creates stress for your team. And customer loyalty suffers as a result. (Who wants to shop where they have to spend too much time to buy the wrong product?)

With Discover Your Color, it’s easy to fine-tune your inventory to match consumer preferences, reducing unsold stock and focusing on products that turn over quickly. Our reliable four-color system guides product selection and helps staff provide quick, accurate recommendations about top-reported effects.

Discover Your Color means smarter stocking decisions based on an industry standard – and a more profitable business. Get the app for free, upload your COAs, and say goodbye to ineffective inventory management and low staff morale.

Why Discover Your Color?

Data-driven insights

By understanding the consumer preferences our system reveals, you’ll make more informed decisions about product selection, marketing strategies, and customer engagement. Anticipate shifts in demand, tailor your offerings, and stay ahead of the curve.

Easy for staff to use

Our trusted system is easy to understand and simple to teach, meaning your staff can quickly get better at helping customers with their selections. Buyers will see quicker service and reduced wait times, and staff will feel more confident and knowledgeable.

Science-backed inventory management

Our color-coded system is backed by more than 30,000 consumer reports on strains and their effects, helping you stock the products your customers are most likely to purchase and deliver a better experience.

customer satisfaction

DYC simplifies the selection process for your customers, making it easier for them to find the products they want. And if they’re confident and happy with their purchases, they’re more likely to return and recommend.

local market leadership

By adopting our standard colors, you’ll position your dispensary as a leader in your market. Shoppers will embrace your commitment to customer experience and product curation and buy from you instead of the competition.

How It Works

Step 1. Understand the Colors

At the core of DYC is our standardized four-color system, designed to simplify the customer’s selection process and enhance your product categorization.

Yellow for Energizing

Stock yellow-labeled products for customers seeking energy and to be active. These are usually perfect for daytime use.

Green for Focusing

Green-tagged items are perfect for those looking for motivation and focus. They’re great when customers want to feel like they’re in a flow state.

Blue for Calming

Offer blue selections for customers who want relaxation. Most people report these are typically excellent for unwinding after a long day.

Purple for Resting

Purple choices are reported by most consumers as helpful for falling and staying asleep. These are usually ideal for nighttime use.

Step 2. Upload Your COAs

Your cannabis experience should align with your needs and your lifestyle. With DYC, you simply choose the color that matches your desired effect and see how it makes you feel. Start with purple, for example. Try a blue if the purple labeled product doesn’t make you feel calm enough. If you want something more uplifting, try a yellow or a green.

Step 3. Provide a Consistent Experience

Our industry-standard system helps you offer your customers a consistent and reliable experience. When customers understand and prefer a color category, they can confidently choose that color across various products and strains. This consistency reduces uncertainty and guesswork for both new and seasoned cannabis users, making your dispensary the store of choice.

Once a color has been matched to an intended effect, it will remain this way across all product types, brands, and geography as the underlying chemistry of the colors never changes.

Pilot Program

In January 2023, Flore Dispensary in San Francisco, CA, implemented the Discover Your Color system.

They used a pre-market combination of manual and algorithmic tagging, with physical stickers to clearly denote the color categories within their store.

Customers quickly adapted to shopping by color and simplifying their purchasing decisions. Just three months into the pilot, Flore began noticing distinct trends in color preferences, gaining valuable insights into consumer behavior.

By the six-month mark, Flore reported a remarkable 12.5% lift in revenue, directly attributing this growth to the DYC color-tagging system.

The success of this initiative has been so transformative that they now ensure every smokable product is analyzed and categorized through the Discover Your Color system before being added to 
their inventory.

Ready to transform the way customers shop?

Reduce the risk of growing or stocking unpopular product and strains. Our simple four-color system makes it easy for consumers to choose which cannabis products they prefer – and for dispensaries and brands to give it to them. 



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